Using a Business Finance Consultant provides you with substantial advantages that traditional mortgage brokers do not have. These advantages can be seen in four important categories: Training, Product Knowledge, Customer Service and Pricing. Lets talk about TRAINING first.

    To fully understand this advantage you must first know how a Business Finance Consultant differs from a mortgage broker. A Business Finance Consultant is the elite of the mortgage industry. A Business Finance Consultant is thoroughly trained and certified by the nations oldest and largest loan broker training company. Most people would be surprised to find out just how little formal training the average mortgage broker / loan officer actually has received. Business Finance Consultant training helps to ensure that the person handling your loan has access to the most current information and lending techniques available in the market. Also, unlike traditional bank loan officers, Business Finance Consultants receive substantial training on how to help borrowers whose credit is "less than perfect, as well as those with good credit". Because of this training, Business Finance Consultants are often able to close loans that other mortgage brokers could not. Whether you've had trouble paying your bills, are new on your job or just a little short on the down payment, a Business Finance Consultant is your best opportunity to get the loan you need. In addition, Business Finance Consultants are not restricted to only handling your personal financing needs. If you are self employed a Business Finance Consultant can also help to arrange equipment financing, SBA loans, commercial real estate loans and even finance your accounts receivables. In other words, a Business Finance Consultant is the only source you will need for almost any type of loan or lease.

    Providing you with a superior level of customer service is equally important to a Business Finance Consultant. For this reason a Business Finance Consultant will spend all the time necessary to provide you with a custom financing solution that is right for you. Once your application is started, a Business Finance Consultant will represent you throughout the transaction so that you can focus on more important things. Business Finance Consultants also maintain contact with you throughout the loan process so that you never feel "out of touch" with your own loan. In fact, Business Finance Consultants regularly provide their clients with status reports to help keep you informed. At every step throughout the transaction, you will know the status of your loan. If you have ever been through the mortgage loan process, then you know that this is not normally the case. Most borrowers will endure the entire loan process wondering what exactly is going on, or trying to get answers from other people involved in the deal because their loan officer is never available. Business Finance Consultants understand the value in providing a superior level of customer service and are focused on keeping you involved every step of the way.

    In addition to their knowledge and desire to make your loans go smoothly, a Business Finance Consultant will give you access to the most aggressive rates and terms available in the market. Since Business Finance Consultants have the ability to work with hundreds of lender programs nationwide they can offer you more options than you may have thought possible. Also, because Business Finance Consultants access "wholesale money" they can provide the same programs that major banks offer and pass the savings on to you. It is also important to note that a Business Finance Consultant does not get paid unless they are successful in funding. This means they will review your request and present it in a manner that poses the greatest probability of funding. As such, Business Finance Consultants have a tremendous motivation to ensure that there are no hidden costs or fees that other mortgage brokers often charge you at the last minute. By choosing to work with a Business Finance Consultant, you are working with the elite of the mortgage lending industry.